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Enable your company’s emerging and existing leadership talent to enhance their potential through targeted, high-impact training. These certificate programs, workshops, and seminars are offered by our world-renowned business experts and academics. Our programs offer valuable tools that will equip both individuals and teams to become high capacity leaders in your organisation.

Coaching for Performance & Mentorship

(Online/hybrid course)

This online course seeks to develop a manager’s coaching skills and mentorship capacity. This course is designed to incorporate the best elements of online learning including:

  • Teacher presence through the video lecturettes and moderation of the Discussion forums.
  • Social presence through learners asynchronous interaction on the Discussion forums.
  • Knowledge development through extra resources and through brief video lecturettes

This course culminates in a one day on-site or virtual workshop in which the participant reinforces the online learning through case studies and application. Mentorship is also discussed more in depth at the one-day session.

At the completion of this course participants will have developed the following abilities:

  • Understand the difference between coaching for performance and coaching for development.
  • Distinguish between manager as coach, executive coaching, and peer coaching.
  • Articulate the difference between coaching, mentoring, and counseling.
  • Understand the systemic impact of effective coaching in an organization.
  • Effectively coach participants using the GROW method.
  • Develop insight into the motivation of employees.
  • Coach employees through their blind spots.
  • Coach in alignment with your organization’s Vision, Mission, and Values.
  • Mentor a person in a specific area of expertise for skills development and capacity building.
  • Produce a list of key areas through which you believe you can develop the skills and capacity of another individual in a mentoring relationship.

Visionary Leadership

(Online/hybrid course)

This six-week online course consist of six modules each hosted by one of world renowned subject experts. Participants will be required to successfully complete the following component of the program:

  • Introduction to VUCA, and Leadership Decision Making in a VUCA World.
  • Leadership Resilience in a VUCA World.
  • Change Management in a VUCA World.
  • Innovation in a VUCA World.
  • Collaboration in a VUCA World.
  • Systems Coaching in a VUCA World.

Participants will be required to complete a one day virtual or in-person, in-class wrap up and application of principles learned and strategic applications of Visionary Leadership.

Course Overview

In this certificate you will need to complete the following five modules:

  • Understanding VUCA and VUCA Prime – Dr. Rob Elkington (Canada)
  • Leadership Resilience in a VUCA World – Dr. Jennifer Moss Breen (USA)
  • Innovation in a VUCA World – Dr. Bettina von Stam (UK)
  • Change Management in a VUCA World – Dr. Noel Pearse (South Africa).
  • Strategic Systems Coaching for Leaders in VUCA – Madeleine van der Steege (Netherlands).

Course Outcomes

By the successful completion of this course the learner will:

  • Describe and discuss the meaning of the acronym VUCA and its implications for organizational leadership in the 21stcentury.
  • Effectively apply VUCA Prime as a positive countermeasure to the disorienting effect of VUCA.
  • Understand and apply leadership resilience strategies in the face of VUCA.
  • Discover and discuss processes and practices of innovation as a mechanism to address VUCA.
  • Identify and integrate best practices of change management to support organizational strength within VUCA.
  • Understand the importance of systems coaching for organizational health within VUCA and develop a systems coaching program.

Course Grading

The student must earn a grade of 75% or higher to receive the UOIT MDC University Certificate in Visionary Leadership

Course Assignments

  • Discussion Grade = 20%. Comprises an Asynchronous discussion process at the end of each module.
  • Final Paper Grade = 80%

Comprises a Final Paper at the end of the University Certificate as described in the "Assignments" section.

​This Online University Certificate in Visionary Leadership is Offered by​ ​Global Leadership Initiatives and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology Management Development Centre.

This online University Certificate is also supported across Africa by the Durban University of Technology.

Each participant receives a copy (e-Book) of our book: "Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World: Thriving in the New VUCA Context" embedded in the certificate to support the learning outcomes


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