Leadership Quest:

Ubuntu Leadership

In North America we say: "cogito ergo sum" which means: "I think therefore I am." This is a worldview that focuses on the power and purpose of the individual.

In Southern Africa we say "Ubuntu," which means: "I am because you are," or "I am a person by virtue of other persons." This is a worldview that focuses on the power and purpose of community, and suggests "when you win, I win, and when you hurt I hurt." Such a worldview drastically alters and empowers our leadership narrative and leadership focus. President Nelson Mandela was a model of this type of leadership.

Join us on a journey of (self) discovery and leadership discovery as we explore the concept of Ubuntu within its natural setting and context. Your leadership capacity and perspective will be drastically transformed, and you will return to your own leadership context renewed, revitalized, and equipped to lead differently - not for the "I" but for the "us."

Facilitators: Dr. Gloria Burgess & Dr. John Volmink
Pricing Included in the Price Extra Costs to You
The immersive five day leadership learning experience is priced at $5500.00 CDN or ​$4500.00 USD

1. Your Economy Class airfare

2. Your in-country Accommodation and 3 Meals a day

3. Your in-country Transportation

4. Leadership Instruction from one of our Expert Consultants and curriculum.

5.  Visits to a winery

1. Travel Insurance

2. Medical Insurance

3. ​Gifts and Memorabilia 

4. Unplanned / Extra Excursions

5. Alchohol​ and Beverages 

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