Leadership Quest:

The Power of Invisible Leadership

Invisible leadership is about the whole organization, not one leader’s charisma or force. It’s about power grown between leaders and followers to ignite the whole enterprise.

Invisible leadership is not the absence of leadership, but the presence of leadership at all levels of the organization, an organization held together and propelled by a charisma of purpose. Invisible leadership is rooted in ancient wisdom (Chinese, African, and Native American) and echoed in the brilliance and practicality of thinkers like Mary Parker Follett, “prophet” of management, Robert Greenleaf, Margaret Wheatley, Otto Scharmer and the field of Systems Thinking.

The power and effectiveness of invisible leadership will become visible to you in the stories of 21 innovative companies and nonprofits. You will become familiar with tools and ways to think differently about leadership and to develop leaders at all levels of your organization. Learning about invisible leadership and these tools will equip you to “make the situation” instead of perpetually reacting to it.

Our intention is to offer a robust learning environment. To that end, we integrate music, art, film, biography, simulations, trips to Robben Island, Table Mountain, a winery, and a local organization to experience and understand invisible leadership in addition to lively discussion and lectures. You will go home with a plan on how to grow invisible leadership and a renewed sense of optimism about yourself and the future of your organization.

Facilitator: Dr. Suzanne Martin
Pricing Included in the Price Extra Costs to You
The immersive five day leadership learning experience is priced at $5500.00 CDN or ​$4500.00 USD

1. Your Economy Class airfare

2. Your in-country Accommodation and 3 Meals a day

3. Your in-country Transportation

4. Leadership Instruction from one of our Expert Consultants and curriculum.

5.  Visits to a winery

1. Travel Insurance

2. Medical Insurance

3. ​Gifts and Memorabilia 

4. Unplanned / Extra Excursions

5. Alchohol​ and Beverages 

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