Leadership Quest:

The Human Core of Dynamic Leadership

Every leader yearns and strives to lead his/her people to a better future.

Most leaders find their efforts at least partly-hampered by a wall of reluctance in others caused by several factors including a lack of clarity, trust, energy, belief or commitment. Some leaders learn that sustainably engaging their people has little to do with mandating what must be done, offering reasons for why the change is necessary, or offering incentives for adopting the changes. The most effective leaders understand that their core role involves authentically engaging others in a shared vision about: where we want to go, how we are going to get there from our current reality, designing the systems and processes needed to take us there, and monitoring and fine-tuning the progress we’re making.

Facilitator: Dr. Greg Morgan
Pricing Included in the Price Extra Costs to You
The immersive five day leadership learning experience is priced at $5500.00 CDN or ​$4500.00 USD

1. Your Economy Class airfare

2. Your in-country Accommodation and 3 Meals a day

3. Your in-country Transportation

4. Leadership Instruction from one of our Expert Consultants and curriculum.

5.  Visits to a winery

1. Travel Insurance

2. Medical Insurance

3. ​Gifts and Memorabilia 

4. Unplanned / Extra Excursions

5. Alchohol​ and Beverages 

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