Expert Consultant

Dr. Vern Ludden holds a Doctor of Education in Adult and Community Education as well as a Master of Public Administration from Ball State University. He is currently a professor at the Indiana Wesleyan University teaching graduate studies in Leadership for the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership Program.

Dr. Ludden has served as President of Work Savvy which is an organization that was designed to assist other organizations in enhancing their organizational leadership effectiveness through a combination of improved employee performance and organizational development strategy. He has served as a consultant to more than 60 organizations assisting with a range of leadership and business development initiatives including workshop development and facilitation, corporate strategy development, curriculum design and review, training, corporate assessments, and research.

Dr. Ludden has published a wide range of books, periodicals, and articles based on his years of research on leadership and business experience. He is currently working on a book that focuses on the Wisdom-Based Leadership model.

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