Expert Consultant

Dr. Vahagn Asatryan is a dynamic speaker and experienced workshop facilitator. He attained his Ph. D. and MBA from Iowa State University. Dr. Asatryan teaches in the Department of Business at Redeemer University College in Hamilton, Ontario and has previously taught in the United States.

Years of experience in facilitating transformational change among business leaders in different cultures on three continents allowed Dr. Asatryan to successfully implement customizable approaches to cultural changes in organizations. Vahagn has guided organizations in executing (re)branding strategies and internal marketing efforts to lead employees to live-out organizational mission and vision. His recent endeavours in leadership development incorporate the power of human, social, and spiritual capital to improve productivity, profitability, and human flourishing. Vahagn also focuses his research and consulting experiences (though Flow.rish Business Transformations) on implementing ethical leadership systems.

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