Expert Consultant

Thys can be described as a serial entrepreneur with a strong focus on establishing social enterprises to address poverty and extreme social and economic inequality. Thys has always functioned in the startup space with a unique skill and capability to develop a concept from idea to implementation.

With a B.A (Psychology and Theology), B.Th (Theology), Hons.B (Business and Administration), MBA, and extensive experience in business, Thys is a true pracademic. He is an innovative thinker with a focus one establishing scalable economic projects that will eradicate poverty through social entrepreneurship.

He establishes living laboratories in communities that tackle the complex and even the wicked systemic problems as the catalyst for social and public sector innovation and has always worked at the nexus and intersection of multi-disciplines where true innovation happen.

He is comfortable to function in this VUCA ("Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous") space and has the ability to integrate different disciplines, from technical, economic, business to social sciences, to craft innovative solutions.

This is a truly exciting personal and professional arena, where the learning and the fun never stops.

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