Expert Consultant

Greg is an Australian leadership practitioner and scholar who sees leadership as a type of practical wisdom for generating influence in relationships.

Greg believes many conventional approaches to leadership challenges fall short, particularly as contexts grow more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Rather than assuming our life as a linear series of empirical events, it can be more helpful to see it as constantly unfolding stories we construct to make sense of our experiences.

Greg believes we all dwell in stories we create and believe to be true, often with crippling, or at least limiting, consequences. He suggests wise leaders are rich in narrative intelligence – the capacity to ‘rewrite’ the narratives they hold about themselves and others; and that this can be enormously liberating and energising for wellbeing and for accomplishing goals.

He works with leaders in several sectors on personalised, action-oriented leadership development, around cultivating understandings, structures and practices for bringing out the best in people pursuing shared goals. Further information: greg@allora.org.au https://www.allora.org.au/

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