Seminars and Workshops


Foundations of Leadership

Discover the foundational leadership theories that will enable you to become a successful leader!

This one-day seminar is perfect for those looking to develop a well-rounded view of foundational leadership principles and theory. This seminar revolves around Northouse’s Leadership Theory and Practice which covers the most current leadership theories and styles to date.

This course will equip participants to lead more effectively in their current, organizational situation by helping them develop a keen understanding of what leadership is, how leadership functions, and how leadership can be enhanced in various contexts.

This seminar is also available for organizations on an extended level as part of a corporate development package.


Critical Thinking & Ethics

This course seeks to aid participants in developing critical thinking skills and ethical perspective. At the completion of this course students will have developed the following abilities:

  • Problem solving
  • Analysis of issues
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Ethical perspective around moral dilemmas, both professional and personal

This course has been designed to provide each participant with a toolbox of fundamental skills that will equip them to think critically about their work and handle ethical dilemmas they may face both within their working environment and personal lives.

At the successful completion of this course participants should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to use thoughtful and thorough analysis in assessing current issues that confront people in the daily business environment.
  • Identify sources of personal bias and areas for personal development to enhance critical thinking and ethical perspectives.
  • Apply ethical standards and rules to the processes and practice of business.
  • Construct moral arguments that demonstrate evidence of critical thought and consideration of different perspectives.
  • Produce complete, reasoned and creative solutions to business problems that occur in the normal business environment.

Business & Ethics

This course seeks to address some fundamental issues in business today including:

  • Why do organizations need to address ethical issues?
  • What ethical issues arise in the course of business activity?
  • How can individuals and organizations address questions of morality in business?
  • What are the ethical obligations of business people and organizations in society?
  • How do organizations manage for ethical practice and social responsibility?
  • What can individuals do to encourage ethical business practice?

The following topics are examined in the course:

  • Business ethics and strategic management;
  • Stakeholder impact analysis and ethical decision making;
  • Employees as stakeholders;
  • Customers and suppliers as stakeholders;
  • The environment and local communities as stakeholders,
  • The legal environment of corporations and the professions;
  • Compliance programs; crisis management and global business ethics

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