Leadership Quest:

Roots and Routes to Culturally Intelligent Leadership

This program takes participants on a reflective journey that uses a unique approach to leading across cultures and amongst diversity in your workplace.

It explores the roots and routes to globalization by examining one’s Cultural Intelligence (CQ, the ability to relate and work effectively with people who have different cultural backgrounds and perspectives). After completing this program, participants will understand their unique cultural values, perceptions, and communication preferences in order to achieve better CQ. Participants will now have the tools to assess, predict and improve their CQ and be change agents for their organizations.

Facilitator: Dr. Elizabeth Tuleja
Pricing Included in the Price Extra Costs to You
The immersive five day leadership learning experience is priced at $5500.00 CDN or ​$4500.00 USD

1. Your Economy Class airfare

2. Your in-country Accommodation and 3 Meals a day

3. Your in-country Transportation

4. Leadership Instruction from one of our Expert Consultants and curriculum.

5.  Visits to a winery

1. Travel Insurance

2. Medical Insurance

3. ​Gifts and Memorabilia 

4. Unplanned / Extra Excursions

5. Alchohol​ and Beverages 

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