Leadership Quest:

Leadership as Learning

The “Leadership as Learning” immersive experience course creates an opportunity for leaders to engage with complex adaptive challenges or “wicked” problems in the real and complex context of South Africa.

The program aims to create a deep and intensive immersion into complex South African challenges linking experiences to reflection using reflective practice based active experiential learning discover/discuss learning approaches. What is experienced in, even sometimes traumatic contexts, is used as foundation for grounded learning to deal with “wicked” problems by participating leaders.

Facilitator: Dr. Erwin Schwella
Pricing Included in the Price Extra Costs to You
The immersive five day leadership learning experience is priced at $5500.00 CDN or ​$4500.00 USD

1. Your Economy Class airfare

2. Your in-country Accommodation and 3 Meals a day

3. Your in-country Transportation

4. Leadership Instruction from one of our Expert Consultants and curriculum.

5.  Visits to a winery

1. Travel Insurance

2. Medical Insurance

3. ​Gifts and Memorabilia 

4. Unplanned / Extra Excursions

5. Alchohol​ and Beverages 

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