Coaching for Performance and Mentorship

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Enable your company’s emerging and existing leadership talent to enhance their potential through targeted, high-impact training. All levels of management must know how to coach and mentor people to get the very best performance from them, and the sophistication of the coaching and mentoring required increases exponentially the more senior the position being coached.

This program is specifically beneficial to all executives, supervisors and managers to encourage staff performance by providing the tools and processes that they can apply. HR professionals or business owners will also learn to build a successful in-house mentorship program. 

Our programs offer valuable tools that will equip both individuals and teams to become high capacity leaders in their organisation.

Coaching for Performance & Mentorship

(Online/hybrid course)

The objective of this program is to build professional confidence in-order to provide guidance and "mentorship" to those who are establishing or growing in their career. Participants’ successful completion of this program will be awarded with a certificate of completion.

Dr. Rob Elkington and global leadership experts:  

World-renowned author and educator in global leadership, Dr.  Elkington has written and designed this program to help prepare emerging coaches and mentors to achieve the objectives in preparing the next generation of global leaders. The professor, facilitator as well as your mentor, will be one of the elite global leaders in the field. The professor will be online at various times during the month to monitor and contribute to discussions, answer questions and to provide valuable feedback and new ideas.  

Participants will have developed the following abilities:

Online Details:

The online portion has been divided into six (6) sessions to be done in-order and will be include the following:

All links are also supported by a resource section which includes: 

Instructions and expectations will be provided each session. Your professor will be communicating with the group throughout the month, within the discussion boards.  You may go at your own pace, however, please be active within the discussion boards that are occurring throughout the month. You will collaborate and learn from others’ feedback and then you will meet this group during the in-class day!

WINTER 2019 Schedule:

online modules available Thursday, February 14, 2019

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