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For more than 25 years, Dr. Suzanne Martin has built a wealth of experience, theoretically and experientially in leadership and development of both organizations and individuals.

Martin sees her life and her consulting as a calling; bringing her life to bear on what she believes to be a mighty purpose ~ to bring about change. Her expertise includes group facilitation, coaching individuals and teams, classroom and online teaching, as well as curriculum/program development. Her primary research interest and influence is Mary Parker Follett, a prophet/pioneer in the field of management and leadership. Other research interests and influences include servant leadership, chaos and complexity, and gender balance.

Suzanne has a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership. She is the owner of transform., a consulting firm based in Birmingham, AL (USA).


The professional world is changing at a rapid rate, Rob and his Associates at GLI have provided our organization the tools to develop our current leaders and prepare our future leaders to assume their roles in this rapidly changing environment. Whether you have been in a leadership for years or are new to a leadership position, GLI will prepare you to be a dynamic leader in todays’ workplace. Rob’s approach is welcoming and engaging making the learning experience very enjoyable.


Imagine being one of 12 presenters competing to make a positive impact on an audience and you only 9-minutes to do so. Now imagine being rated the best presenter. You’d be thrilled as Rob should be when he fully engaged our audience of HR professionals and leaders. His topic on visionary leadership in a turbulent world was on point, his depth of knowledge formidable, his delivery powerful, his style interactive, and he is approachable one-on-one. Truly a leader who walks his talk.

Vera Asanin, President & Editor-in-Chief, Your Workplace

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"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others."

Jack Welch

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