Alix Tumback

Expert Consultant

Growing up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Alix grew up immersed in various industries from Oil and Gas to Construction. It was at this time that Alix became fascinated with asking and finding the answer to the question, "why"?

After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan with her Bachelor of Commerce, Alix moved to Texas to begin her career with a safety compliance company – using “why” to bridge gaps between contractors and clients.

Upon moving back to Canada, Alix began her consulting company, AHT Consulting Ltd., helping companies fill in the blanks in a variety of industries. These blanks included, “why” should consumers buy our product? “Why” should our employees follow these new policies? “Why” should we train our employees any differently?

Using dynamic and unique ideas, Alix develops customized training solutions for sales, customer service, safety and any training question you can think of, in any format that you want: online, leader-led, blended or asynchronous. Alix most recently worked with a First Nations company in Saskatchewan and has partnered with a colleague from Cowessess First Nation to deliver tailored training that respects the culture and heritage of this group. Always growing, always learning, Alix looks forward answering the call to any challenge, always beginning with “why”. Her specialization is in eLearning instructional design and development, particularly focused on developing simulations. These trainings allow learners to immerse themselves in scenarios and are driven by a “choose your own adventure” game-based learning model.

In addition to her degree, Alix has received her Health and Safety Administrator certification, Certified Training and Development Professional Designation (CTDP) and is a certified MBTI Practitioner.


The professional world is changing at a rapid rate, Rob and his Associates at GLI have provided our organization the tools to develop our current leaders and prepare our future leaders to assume their roles in this rapidly changing environment. Whether you have been in a leadership for years or are new to a leadership position, GLI will prepare you to be a dynamic leader in todays’ workplace. Rob’s approach is welcoming and engaging making the learning experience very enjoyable.


Imagine being one of 12 presenters competing to make a positive impact on an audience and you only 9-minutes to do so. Now imagine being rated the best presenter. You’d be thrilled as Rob should be when he fully engaged our audience of HR professionals and leaders. His topic on visionary leadership in a turbulent world was on point, his depth of knowledge formidable, his delivery powerful, his style interactive, and he is approachable one-on-one. Truly a leader who walks his talk.

Vera Asanin, President & Editor-in-Chief, Your Workplace

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"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others."

Jack Welch

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